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What to Know Before Replacing a Roof

What to Know Before Replacing a Roof

Replacing your roof is a major undertaking to consider. Whether for selling or personal purposes, a home modification as huge as a roof replacement requires a great amount of time in planning and a big deal of expenses. Structure, contractor, or style – these are just some of the many decisions you have to make.

When your roof is still repairable, you can just opt for partial reroofing. However, time will come for your roof to get older beyond repair. In this case, missing or damaged shingles in multiple areas or recurring problems may start to emerge. Your best first step is to get it inspected by reputable general contractors in Frederick, Maryland to find out if a partial or full roof replacement is required.

If you currently have asphalt shingles on your roof, one way to save a huge deal from a roofing installation in Montgomery County, Maryland is through layering. Unfortunately, you can only do this once. And if you already have two layers, striping is required as the weight of a third layer is too much for any roof to handle. Keep in mind that the process is going to be loud.

Furthermore, understand what the process is going to entail, such as whether or not they’re stripping or layering, flash and trim the appropriate areas, and the methods for gutter installation in Howard County, Maryland. Before you allow a roofer onto your home, make sure that you have a contract that spells out everything you two have discussed.

Replacing a roof is a major investment, so it’s not something to leave up to chance. Call Jireh General Contractors LLC for your roofing needs.

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