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Roof Installation for Energy Savings

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Lately, more people have been inclined toward finding ways to make their households energy efficient and more eco-friendly. This is beneficial not just in terms of lowering your utility bills, but also for the environment.

What most people tend to overlook, though, is that the best starting point toward improving energy efficiency can be found just by looking up. Whereas homeowners spend thousands of dollars installing windows and other upgrades to be reduce their energy consumption, they often forget about the impact the roof has on energy efficiency.

The roof of a house is a major component of its exterior, which is exposed to all the outside elements. Hence, the quality of the roof has a direct impact on the overall level of energy efficiency of the household.

Here are some of the ways being smart about roofing installation can lead to major energy savings:

Superior Ventilation

Simply put, ventilation is the circulation of fresh air in an enclosed space. Ventilation in the roofing system is mostly defined by the air ventilation in the attic.

In warmer weather, hot air tends to get trapped in the attic, making the heat inside quite unbearable too. This, in turn, would require your air conditioner to consume more energy as it works harder to keep temperatures comfortable.

An energy-efficient roof is one with super ventilation. When installed properly, it can lower your energy consumption by depending less on the air conditioning and hence making the household more energy efficient.

Roof Colors

Similar to the impact of wearing lighter colored clothes on a warm day, the color of the roof plays a big part in reflecting the climate outside.

Colder climates require a darker roof in order to absorb and retain heat. However, lighter colored roofs are much better options for warmer climates as they help reflect the sunlight and maintain comfortable temperatures inside the house.

asphalt roof

Avoid Leakage

Any kind of rupture in your roof can have an adverse effect on energy efficiency. This is because water can enter your house through the smallest of holes and drench your home insulation system. When the insulation is wet, it lowers the heat resistance levels of your insulation, which means it will allow more heat to enter your house in summers and less heat will be let out during winters.

Eventually, you’ll need to use the air conditioning or heating to maintain a comfortable temperature at home, and this will lead to higher utility bills.

If you find that your insulation is wet, it probably means your roof is leaking. In that case, you can contact Jireh General Contractors for roofing repairs or installations to help keep your house more energy efficient.

Our professional roofing contractors are experts in installing all kinds of roofing systems, using high quality durable products to ensure that your roof stands strong for years to come. Contact us for more information right away.

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