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Quick Guide: Frequently Used Types of Metal Roofs


Just like food and clothing, your home is also a basic need. So you would do everything in your means to ensure that you will have a comfortable and convenient shelter for you and your family. Isn’t this right? Indeed, we need our very own home. As trusted contractors providing roofing installation in Silver Spring, Maryland, we also recognize that one of the prominent aspects we should pay attention to in our homes is the roofing material. However, with all the varied choices for metal roofing materials, how do you know which one to choose for your home?

We can help you in this aspect as professional general contractors in Silver Spring, Maryland. To give you a quick understanding on how to select your metal roofing material properly, distinguish from the five different types as follows:

  1. STEEL
    Considered as the most common metal used as a roofing material, steel is characterized by its heaviness and sturdiness. While it is the most affordable, it can also easily rust. However, most steel-made roofing materials are already coated and finished adequately so that corrosion and rust will be far behind. This makes steel-made roofing as trustworthy for your home as any other roofing material.
    Just like steel, aluminum is also another metal for convenient roofing materials. Its great advantage is that it is lightweight and doesn’t rust. However, it can also easily dent and mar due to being very light weight. However, this can be ideal for common residential houses, especially if you’re still starting up. It can also be painted on to highlight an aesthetic appeal.
    When a roofing material is made of copper, it ensures a very long-lasting quality without rust and finish that can possibly be peeled off. However, due to this durability, it can also be very expensive to have.
  4. ALLOY
    Along with copper, roofing products made from alloys of metals are also reliable to withstand for a long time. Homeowners can rely on its collective strength and durability, depending on the kinds of metals that have been mixed together. However, this can also mean that it can be somewhat pricey, especially if the alloy is composed of other expensive metals.
    Another variety of the expensive roofing material made of metal, stainless steel is secure from rust and corrosion. It can also be coated with terne plates so that it can give off a natural-looking finish.

Now that you have an idea what roofing material to choose, keep in mind that every roofing needs proper maintenance. You have to provide quality maintenance so that these could brave through the external elements even longer. Let us help you with the roofing maintenance as well as your needs for gutter installation. If you want to dig deeper on your options about roofing materials, our professional contractors at Jireh General Contractors LLC can guide you.

What is your ideal metal roofing material? Share us your thoughts below.

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