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Most people don’t worry about their roofing until they spot a leak. While that is fair, it is always a good idea to keep it in check and regularly inspect it to preemptively identify warning signs.

Most roofs don’t require a complete reinstallation. Many times, a simple roof repair can easily do the trick and save you the hassle and money.

While homeowners should regularly check for signs of debris from roofs and gutters and get in touch with a roofing contractor in case something is amiss, watching out for some of the warning signs is the most effective way of ensuring your roof is safe and secure.

What Are The Warning Signs?

Begin by thoroughly inspecting your home. Start with the interiors. Attics are often the most ignored areas while inspecting for possible roof repairs. However, they are the first ones to exhibit signs that your roof needs a repair!

Make sure to take a flashlight with you when embarking on the mission to identifying leaks in the attic. Keep a lookout for any beams of sunshine coming in through the top, as well as any stains or streaks. These are all signs of a leaky roof.

On the exterior, the shingles should be the first thing to check for. If they are curling up, blistering or if they are losing a lot of granules and cracking, then it’s time for a roof repair. Shingles should be lying flat against the roof and should not be shedding too many granules, which offer a protective, waterproofing layer to the roof.

Examine your roof to see if it is drooping or sagging on the surface. In such a case, your roof may need a repair or installation immediately. This indicates trapped moisture and rotting which eat away at the life of your roof really fast.

How Long Does A Roof Repair or Installation Take?

Roof installation for residential properties typically takes no more than 2 days. The process is broken down into three parts; the removal of the old and damaged roof; roof installation and lastly, inspection.

The time required for repairs depends on how extensive the repairs are and how big the project is.

Don’t compromise on the safety of your residential or commercial properties!

We are reliable, experienced and qualified roofing contractors in Upper Marlboro, MD. With over 12 years of experience in the roofing industry, our qualified contractors are there to help you every step of the way!

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