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Roofs are one of the most important aspects of a home. They protect you from weather elements and keep you, your family and possessions safe from damage. When it comes to residential roofs, some of the most trivial signs can be signaling to a much bigger problem at hand.

Not only are damaged roofs a risk to your safety, they also decrease the value of your property—whether it’s a commercial property or a residential one.

If addressed in time, prompt action can be taken and help save a big chunk of costs in roof repair and installation.

We Help You Identify A Compromised Roof!

There are many warning signs that your roof is due for repair. For example, if our team notices algae, moss or lichen growth on your roof’s shingles, we know the roof has been damaged. These organisms live and thrive in the presence of dampness. This means that your roof is suffering from water damage and may be causing the shingles to erode.

Curling and brittle shingles are obviously a source of worry when it comes to roofs. Curling shingles are an indication of accumulated moisture in the roof. Depending on how the shingles are curling, they can provide an insight into whether the problem is due to a poor roof installation.

Roof blistering is another sign that your roof may need repair. Roof blistering is marked by a loss of asphalt on the roof surface. It is caused by an improper ventilation system in the attic, results in an over-heated roof and locks in moisture where it’s not supposed to.

Granules help to protect the roof from UV rays and other elemental damage. If we notice an excessive deposit of granules in the gutters, that’s another warning sign of a deteriorating roof.

How Often Should Your Roof Be Inspected?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, professional inspection should be conducted in order to assess how much repair your roof needs. This assessment and inspection should be carried out every three years to keep a watch out for potential signs of roof deterioration.

If you need roof repair or installation in Silver Springs, MD, Jireh General Contractors offers experienced and qualified roofing contractors in the area. With an experience spanning over 12 years in the roofing industry, we are one of the most experienced contractors familiar with all sorts of roofing problems.

Don’t risk the safety of your home! Get in touch with us today to assess the damage!

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