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Repairs and maintenance for your roof, sidings and gutters should be regularly carried out to stop the deterioration of your property and preserve its value. Our general contractors in Silver Spring, Maryland will work to get rid of and prevent leaks, cracks, loosened shingles, and more!

The upkeep of your residential or commercial property is not something that you should push back on your priorities. If you want to preserve its value, you need a trustworthy roof and gutter expert in Maryland. For 12 years, Jireh General Contractors LLC has been providing these services and we continue to impress clients with our unwavering commitment to quality results:

Roofing Installation
Although it might sound like a DIY type of activity, we highly recommend the use of professional help from roofing contractors in Frederick MD for better results with roofing installations. Our staff is prepared to install it in the minimal time possible. We have worked our way up the competition due to our step by step work along with our client’s view, and not once have we missed a single nail or staple out of place.
Roofing Repair
Jireh General Contractors LLC is a qualified team of professionals with the experience in roof replacement, shingle installation, and repair services. We have come a long way since we first started in the business, and so far we have been meeting our client’s specifications. Whether it is about finding leaks, loosened shingles, fixing leakage troubles or simple maintenance, our staff has the equipment to take care of it. Saving you money and time is our mission, while also fixing your roof with the best enhancement available in the nearby area.
Asphalt Shingle Roofing
Renew your roofing in style by installing Asphalt Shingle Roofing to your home at an affordable price with Jireh General Contractors LLC. With a variety of styles, patterns and colors, you can choose the asphalt shingle that best fit your specific needs. Our team of experts have undergone the required training and acquired the sufficient knowledge to install your roof shingles meticulously and with great timing. Your roofing will be left looking spot on, guaranteed!
Gutter Installation & Replacement
It can be a pain in any homeowner’s neck to have to deal with gutters not doing its job adequately, and having to invest hundreds of dollars in a company that can’t even take care of the problem is even more tragic! For over 12 years, we have provided homeowners with our Gutter Installation and Replacement services here at Jireh General Contractors LLC. We have freed many home owners from leaky, clogged and damaged gutters and replaced them with top quality gutters.
Vinyl Siding Repair & Installation
If you’re looking to have your home exterior easily maintained while still looking amazing, Vinyl Siding is the right solution for you! Jireh General Contractors LLC offers our Vinyl Siding Repair and Installation at affordable prices. Vinyl is beneficial to any homeowner; its great material doesn’t require constant panting, or maintenance. You won’t have to stress over it deteriorating or anything! With Vinyl, you definitely get your money’s worth.

If your house could use some work done to prevent leaks or fix cracks on the roof, call Jireh General Contractors LLC at 301-404-8409.