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3 Effective Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking New

Although vinyl siding does not wear or rot in the same way as wood, it can still puncture and/or crack. Jireh General Contractors LLC offers the following expert tips on how you can maintain and care for your home’s exterior vinyl siding and keep it looking new: Tip #1: Clean it regularly. As your reliable … Continue reading

5 Common Gutter Problems (And How to Fix Them!)

Designed to divert water from the roof, rain gutters play the key role of protecting structural foundations from water damage. To keep your gutter system and your home’s foundation in top condition, it is vital that you clean and maintain them. A gutter system can encounter many issues because of wear and extreme weather. Here … Continue reading

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Mythbusting: Vinyl Siding Edition

Vinyl is one of the best siding materials available to homeowners. Yet, many people hesitate to invest in vinyl siding due to certain myths. Here are the most common misconceptions about vinyl sidings that you need to stop believing: It Does Not Last Long Made from polyvinyl chloride, vinyl siding has the capacity to withstand … Continue reading

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Sign Your Roof Needs A Repair

Here are common signs that if you find appearing in your roof, you know, it is time for you to get it repaired by a roofing contractor.

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