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Good Roofing Only Requires Maintenance, Not Replacement


The beauty of good roofing does not just serve aesthetics, but rather, it should also serve a purpose. Your roof should be able to protect you and your loved ones because weather changes will eventually put your roof’s strength to the test, let alone the natural wear and tear process.

Good roofing should only need maintenance and not a frequent replacement. With the assistance of licensed general contractors in Silver Spring, Maryland, here are things that can be done to prolong the lifespan of your roof:

  • Remove Foreign Objects
    When bad weather brings foreign objects to your roof and gutters, remove the ones that are easy to reach and leave the rest of the debris to licensed general contractors providing roofing installation in Silver Spring, Maryland to avoid slips and falls.
  • Trim Large Trees
    If bad weather is incoming, trim the branches of large trees that have chances of hitting your roof to prevent leaves and other foreign objects from damaging your roof and gutters. Regular trimming helps maintain the growth and direction of the branches to keep away from your house.
  • Clear Off Ice Dams
    Ice dams typically form at the edges of the roof (sometimes including gutters) and stop melted snow from going into the gutters. The trapped melted snow or water closest to the roof now has the potential to damage roof or ceiling materials because of the prolonged water exposure that has not run off and only stayed in one area.

    Check for damages that could seep through your roofing insulation as well. Your insulation can keep your roof cool or warm enough to not let any snow stay for too long.

  • Regular Inspection
    Given that your roof is easy to inspect with a ladder, do so at least twice a year to check the health and strength of your roofing material. If shingles have come loose, be careful and make sure your do-it-yourself fix will not damage the surrounding tiles.

If your gutters have come loose or have been damaged, we can assess the damage for gutter repairs, and if deemed necessary, a new gutter installation that will match your roof.

Individuals can actually do these minor checks on their own, but we strongly advise that you exercise caution at all times and let a professional examine your roof at least once a year.

Make your home all weatherproof with Jireh General Contractors LLC. Give us a call at 301-404-8409 and get a chance to get a 10% discount on your first-time service.

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