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Ask this to your siding contractors in Silver Spring MD

ask this your siding contractorsVinyl siding repair and installation is one of our specialties, at Jireh General Contractors LLC you’ll find the best siding contractors in Silver Spring MD.

On other posts we’ve talked about the advantages that you can obtain through the use of vinyl sidings, and we would like to continue to it by providing you more information as to why choosing this type of material.

Visually as you may have noticed, vinyl has a great advantage because it can assimilate and look like any material that you want it to look. It is available in a large variety of colors and styles that will suit the vision of the design you have in mind. Our siding contractors in Silver Spring MD are ready to help you develop a great installation plan.

What siding contractors in Silver Spring MD should advise you on

Did you know that there is a standard of 50 options in colors? It can run up to 700 types of colors and hues for sidings! One of the great benefits of a vinyl siding is the fact that it can resemble different materials. Here is a list of the styles that you can find sidings in:

  • Board: usually called barn style it has strips that can be horizontal or vertical. It kind of resembles cedar wood.
  • Shakes: commonly referred as shingles gives a rustic and warm style with its staggered edges.
  • Beaded seam: this is the iconic and classic look from any siding installation.
  • Smooth: this is a no texture surface siding installation

Although it is a pretty maintenance free material it does require some from time to time, so that you can easily get rid of mold, grime and dust that might accumulate over the time. Get in touch with our team today and can your sidings intalled correctly.

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