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A Short Guide to Easy Roof Repair

A Short Guide to Easy Roof Repair

We don’t always notice the roofs above our heads. But when it gets damaged, we would know it right away. In fact, that’s probably why you’re reading this article right now. You’re looking for a quick remedy to the problem on your roof.

Well then, let’s not delay it further. Jireh General Contractors LLC, a team of general contractors in Silver Spring, Maryland, has compiled a concise FAQ list that should help you out:

  • Is Your Flashing Damaged?
    Moisture builds up when a flashing gets cracked or damaged. Flashing is made of sheet plastic or metal. It protects the crease found within fixtures (such as chimneys, skylights, and the roof). All you will need to do is remove the damaged flashing and replace it with a new one. This process requires you to move and reinstall surrounding materials as well.
  • Is Your Sealant Worn?
    One of the culprits behind a leak on your ceiling is a worn sealant. Fix the problem simply by applying new tar to the affected area. You will need to move and reinstall surrounding materials for this one too.
  • Is Your Roof Punctured?
    The holes on your roof can be caused by several things. This includes falling branches, animals, and even bad weather. To rectify this problem, you should consider asking professionals for help. This is because there might be a need for roof replacement in the process. Doing DIY solutions on a sizable hole with the use of roofing caulk is not advised as it can encourage moisture and mold growth.
  • Is Your Vent Boot Impaired?
    The vent boot handles sealing the area around the vents to keep moisture out. If your vent boot is compromised, it can also lead to a leak. Remove and replace the old vent boot with a new one for a quick fix. This process will also involve nailing and adding caulk to the boot.
  • Are Your Roof Shingles Missing?
    A lot of external factors can damage your roof shingles. It may be caused by heavy weather, wild animals, pooling water, etc. Address the problem by replacing the cracked shingles with new ones. Don’t forget to clean your gutter as well. This will help proper drainage for your roof.
  • Are Your Vertical Slits Corroded?
    Vertical slits found between roofing tiles are constantly subjected to rainwater. Over time, it increases the vulnerability of the roof. This is because it is exposing the underlying material. Is the problem too great? You can solve it through roofing installation in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Does your roof repair project seem out of hand?

That’s alright. Leave the job to us. You can trust the quality of work we’re capable of thanks to the years of experience we have on the field.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us in case you have other concerns about roof repair or other related topics. Go ahead and share this post with family and friends too!

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