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3 Effective Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking New


Although vinyl siding does not wear or rot in the same way as wood, it can still puncture and/or crack. Jireh General Contractors LLC offers the following expert tips on how you can maintain and care for your home’s exterior vinyl siding and keep it looking new:

  • Tip #1: Clean it regularly.

    As your reliable general contractors in Silver Spring, Maryland, one of our top tips is for you to clean your vinyl siding regularly. While vinyl is a lot easier to maintain than brick or cedar sidings, it can still accumulate grime, grit, and dirt over time. Furthermore, if your home has any shady and damp areas, your vinyl siding might become a haven for mildew and mold. It can be tempting to put off cleaning your vinyl sidings, but leaving everything until it builds up can make it even more difficult to remove.

    We recommend washing vinyl sidings using a stiff-bristle brush or soft cloth and mild detergent at least once a year.

  • Tip #2: Be mindful of things that could potentially damage your siding.

    Vinyl sidings don’t dent. However, no matter how solid it looks, vinyl sidings are still susceptible to cracking and breaking. To prevent breaks and cracks from forming, be careful where you place certain objects. For instance, be mindful where you park your bicycles or lawn mowers. Trying to hone your child’s soccer skills? Don’t place the soccer goal up against your siding and place it a little further out in the yard instead.

    Moreover, watch out for other things that could potentially damage your siding. For instance, if there is a tree growing in close proximity to your house, make sure to trim the branches and leaves so that they don’t scrape or damage the siding. Also, vinyl siding can be damaged by heat, so make sure to keep grills and other flammable materials away from the house to prevent heat damage.

  • Tip #3: Inspect it regularly.
    Even if you carefully follow Tip #2, sometimes, things just go wrong. Perhaps you accidentally hit your siding with a ball while playing with your child or a storm in your area may have caused a piece of siding to become loose. Wear and tear over time may also cause breaks and cracks to form. Make sure to check your vinyl siding regularly for any damage. Remember, cracks, breaks, and loose areas can leave your home exposed to mold and moisture. By inspecting your vinyl siding regularly, you can immediately replace and/or fix damaged portions.

Make It Last Longer
By following these tips, you may be able to keep your vinyl siding looking new for much longer.

If you are looking for vinyl, gutter, and/or roofing installation in Silver Spring, Maryland, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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